Acoustics Of A Cardinal

A small poem for snowfall

Cardinal in the snow

Acoustics Of A Cardinal

I must find the term, for surely there is one

in some specialized physics of snow,
for the acoustics of a cardinal singing for his supper
or life in the silence, call bright as his feathers in a buried garden

Jot it down now
or forget, as I say I won’t, then do

Snowbound birdsong, a painting of icing and maraschino
so familiar in my mind’s picture window
that it must be out there in the world already,

scientifically-defined serenity

Look it up, not now,
when you get up –

The quiet itself will remind me, I hope

in the morning,
about the cardinal
in quietening snow

Thank you, as always, for reading. If you enjoyed this content, please do connect with me and say hello.

Stay warm and well out there.

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